Our mission at The Red Zone School Store is to help build unity and community in the Dover Area School District by providing quality, affordable themed apparel, spirit/gift items, and school supplies.

About Us

Drew M, Naomi S, & Gary L

TRZ Mangers 22-23

A subset of our business Career & Technical Student Organization- Dover DECA, The Red Zone School Store is a student-run SBE (School-based Enterprise) located at Dover Area High School.  Established in 2014, our store serves as a learning laboratory for high school students interested in business, marketing, and retail by:

1) Providing experience for Marketing Pathway seniors in management and leadership roles as they serve as "TRZ Managers".

2) Supporting direct classroom instruction in financial analysis, operations, marketing-information management, market planning, product/service management, pricing, distribution/channel management, promotion, selling, and human resources management during the School Store business course with enrolled students serving as "TRZ Store Associates".

3) Extending learning beyond the traditional classroom setting by providing Dover DECA members the ability to operate the school store at district events and for special fundraisers.

The profits earned from The Red Zone are used to help fundraise for school activities, make charitable donations, and improve our student-run business.

The Red Zone has been awarded Gold-level certification from DECA, Inc. since 2019 for adherence to standards for model school store operation.  

22-23 SENIOR MANAGERS: Drew M, Naomi S, Gary L, & Lucas R

SEMESTER 2 22-23 SCHOOL STORE CLASS: Landen D, Bradley E, Maci F, Makenzie G, Quincey H, Cohen K, Carter L, Alexis M, Isabella M, Chyann P, Taylor P, Cooper S, Autumn S, Thomas S, Kourri W, Ankhet W, Brayden Z

TEACHER/ADVISOR:  Mrs. Loni Kress 

CTE DIRECTOR:  Mr. Charles Benton

PRINCIPAL:  Mrs. Jennifer Fasick



4500 Intermediate Ave. Dover, PA 17315

During School



& Special DASD Events:

* HS Sports Awards Nights Fall 11/9/22, Winter 2/15/23, & Spring 5/17/23 5pm - 8pm

* Music Booster Craft Fair 11/12/22 9am - 3pm

* Holiday Sale 12/22/22 5:30pm - 8:30pm